Naturally reared for Life!

The Philosophy
Natural rearing refers to raising our family (and here we refer specifically to our dogs) in accordance and harmony with nature. We believe that Mother Nature has actually done a great job of creating quite perfect beings and we acknowledge the fact that we are all linked to one another and part of a cycle of life and death. There's no doubt that life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and that our natural state is fit, well and happy, so in natural rearing we respect the dog as a species and try to provide for our friends in a gentle, supportive and natural way.  Our dogs are wonderful teachers. Their lives are much shorter than ours and the effects of stress, toxins and unnatural lifestyle choices lead to early imbalances, chronic illness, suffering and premature death. Natural rearing reduces stress, minimizes exposure to toxins, supports natural bodily functions to cleanse and heal, builds strong defences, nourishes mind, body and soul and celebrates each life stage. It's incredibly simple to implement and we think our dogs deserve it. 
The Real World 
So, this is how natural rearing translates into our daily life:
Firstly, we feed real, raw foods. Diet is the foundation of good health and dogs, as a species, are carnivores, thriving on raw meat, bones and some supplementary veg, fruit, nuts, seeds and herbs. This is all served raw - some ground up, some whole, but all unadulterated goodness with natural enzymes, probiotics, fibre and energy. This ensures great oral health, strong, clean GI tracts, which are not sensitive, nor hospitable to parasites and minimal, compact, almost odourless waste. With so many quality nutrients being absorbed so fully, our dogs are well nourished, lean, muscled, and truly satisfied. We always ensure our dogs have access to filtered, fresh water too.
Secondly, we do not put toxic chemicals onto, into or around our dogs. There are so many harmful substances in the environment that we cannot control, so it only makes sense to minimize those we can. Our dogs are not routinely subjected to harsh, chemical assaults, such as vaccines, wormers, topical parasite treatments, or unnecessary drug medications. This keeps their bodies as unburdened as possible and their immune systems stay strong and balanced, able to fend off disease, detox efficiently and heal.  
Finally, we proactively employ many natural and gentle therapies and treatments to build and boost strong immune systems and maintain balance. This ensures a long life without many aging woes and quick recovery from passing illness and trauma. To this end we work together with a holistic vet and utilize herbal medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, hydrotherapy, Ttouch and homeopathy as needed. 
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